It is a convenient and quick way to make sure that your teeth and gums are okay, or that some things need special attention and treatment. It takes a minimum amount of time to complete the examination. Thanks to modern technology we take care of our patients by combining quality, convenience and speed. Our expert approach to your dental problem allows us to eliminate unnecessary and superfluous examinations, saving you money. The examination is performed on an outpatient basis within 3 hours.

Don't forget that a beautiful smile is also the key to good overall health. Your teeth need to be taken care of daily and thoroughly, and a preventive visit to the dentist twice a year will keep you healthy for years to come.
What the program includes:
  • Consultation of a dentist-therapist, periodontist with a treatment plan.
  • Professional oral hygiene.
  • Computer diagnostics of teeth and gums condition (FloridaProbe system).
  • Teeth coating with fluoride preparations.
  • Comprehensive computer diagnostics.
  • CT consultation.